New Life (HK)

This is an office in Star House (next to the Star Ferry) Room 1705.

CD  "Feed my Lambs" 餵養我的羊 免費
22本書CD with many books on it (I don't have the name 免費free
Good News Reader Set--this set will teach you religious language and help you understand how to witness to Chinese. (HK$70)

Pinyin New Testament 漢語拼音新約 HK$70

證主 (HK)

Go to their office in Cheung Sha Wan
長沙灣 (tel. 2387 8002)

They also have offices in Singapore, Taipei, and the US.  Please also note their extensive website with online training materials:

Partners International     tel 2367 6114  (HK)

"First Light" 曙光  免費free (They will mail them to your address.願意寄到你家)

FAX 852-2721-4769

PO Box X0421
Cheung Sha Wan
Hong Kong SAR

Three-Self Church 

At any Three-Self Church ask for a Diary that includes the addresses for all book distribution points. 在三自教會索取靈修記事本。裡面有所有聖經銷售中心的地址。

See following pages for a list of recommended books and prices.

基督教信仰要道系列叢書Christian Faith Series (5-volume set of many kinds of books)

Contact me for information how to order. RMB160  


Three Self Church Materials 三自教會的資料

Because many Christian materials are available legally through the Three-Self Church, I recommend buying through them whatever you can.  Since I dont recommend all that the Three-Self Church publishes, I am listing what I would recommend.

 各種和合本聖經 Chinese Union Version Bibles

This is the standard version of the Bible used in Chinese churches around the world.  The text used is exactly the same as what is used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

聖經百科全書Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible RMB145

This amazing work would cost much more if purchased outside China and carried in.  It is a three-volume set that is quite large.

荒漠甘泉 Streams in the Desert RMB10

Chinese churches have found this devotional work to be very helpful.

寇世遠研經集Kou Shr Yuan Bible Lectures RMB24

天路歷程Pilgrim's Progress RMB8

中英對照手冊 Chinese-English Theological word list RMB12.80

賈玉銘聖經要義 Jia Yu Ming Sermons RMB 82 Eight-Volume Set 卷一到卷八

賈玉銘 靈修日課 Jia Yu Ming Daily Devotional

聖經綜覽 What the Bible is All About (Mears) RMB16

This book gives a summary of each book of the Bible. When you give this book to a house church pastor, you are helping him have a year’s worth of Bible lessons to share with his church.

穩固根基 Firm Foundations RMB40

This publication presents the gospel in a very thorough way in a way that assumes the hearer is not from a Christian background.  If unavailable, dial 010-64095216.

啟導本新舊約聖經 Chinese Study Bible  RMB 68

This is a thorough work prepared in Hong Kong by conservative Christians and used outside of China by many believers.

串珠注釋本新舊約聖經 China Graduate School of Theology Study Bible RMB 30

This is not as thorough as the Chinese Study Bible but is very helpful.

司布真著 清晨甘露 中國基督教協會出版 Spurgeon's Morning by Morning

馬有藻 新約導讀 中國基督教協會出版 Denny Ma, New Testament Survey

馬有藻 舊約導讀 中國基督教協會出版 Denny Ma, Old Testament Survey

生命攜語 中國基督教協會出版 Our Daily Bread (Selections)

聖地愛語 寫給愛情中的男性 四川人民出版社 Letters to Philip ISBN7-220-04637-5/I*649

聖地愛語 寫給愛情中的女性 四川人民出版社 Letters to Karen ISBN7-220-04637-5/I*649

原文編碼新約字典字彙 江蘇省兩會 NT with Greek Definitions of Keyed Words

G. 坎培爾摩根 詩篇注釋 南京愛德印刷有限公司 江蘇兩會 G. Campbell Morgan, Psalms

耶穌傳Jesus Film CD