Evangelism Center: Taichung

  • Itinerant preacher in Taiwan
  • Church-planting assistant
  • Supplier of evangelism and discipleship materials

Because there are many churches without a pastor and not many itinerant preachers in Taiwan, I am often called on to preach for other churches. Over the years, I have developed a circuit of about 10 churches. In my travels, I discover excellent materials that the churches in Taiwan can use. As I go to each location, I introduce them, and often donate them to the church. Some churches are in the initial stages of being planted. I am able to help them in various ways . In fact, the Hsinchu (Xinzhu) Evangelism Center was started to help one of our Bible graduates in his church-planting efforts in that city. After two years, it has been turned over fully to the church there.

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